Our practice

We have put significant effort into designing our spaces. By using high-quality materials, bright and high-ceilinged rooms, and a pleasant sound environment, we contribute to a holistic treatment approach.

Our practice in the 14th district

In our group practice in the 14th district of Vienna, we offer holistic physiotherapy and nutritional counseling. Our location features excellent public transportation connections, making it easy for our patients to reach us. In close collaboration with various specialists, from nutritionists to occupational therapists, we provide individualized treatment plans. Our practice stands for comprehensive care in an accessible and patient-friendly environment.

The importance of room design

Calming atmosphere

The use of warm colors, high-quality materials like wood, and pleasant lighting concepts create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This can help patients feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they enter the room.

Stress reduction

Well-designed rooms have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety. A pleasant ambiance can decrease the release of stress hormones and promote the overall well-being of patients.

Increased motivation

An appealing room design can increase patients‘ motivation to actively participate in therapy sessions. The positive environment can help patients engage more and approach exercises or therapies with a positive attitude.

Feeling of appreciation

A room designed with high-quality materials and attention to detail conveys to patients that they are valued and respected. This can help develop a positive attitude towards therapy.

Positive distraction

The aesthetic design of the room can serve as a positive distraction, diverting patients‘ attention from pain or discomfort. This can be especially important when performing painful exercises or therapies.

Energy boost

Bright and warm colors, as well as well-lit rooms, can lift patients‘ moods and increase their energy levels. This can be particularly useful in reducing fatigue during therapy sessions.

Building trust

An attractively designed room can strengthen patients‘ trust in the treatment and the therapist. When patients are in a pleasant environment, they are likely to feel more comfortable and secure, positively influencing the therapist-patient relationship.

Promoting healing

A pleasant environment can support the healing process by helping to bring the body and mind into a state of relaxation. This can improve blood circulation, promote muscle relaxation, and accelerate regeneration.

Modern physiotherapy: Training equipment

Focusing on therapies in a practice equipped with training devices, therapy tables, wall bars, and other equipment offers a wide range of options for the treatment and restoration of physical functionality. These devices expand the scope of therapeutic approaches and enable targeted and effective rehabilitation. Here are some examples of therapy approaches that can be particularly well implemented in such a practice:

Muscle building and strengthening

Training equipment such as dumbbells, cable machines, and weight machines can be used to target specific muscle groups. This is especially important in rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries to prevent muscle atrophy and improve overall stability.

Functional exercises

Wall bars and similar equipment can be used for functional movement exercises that improve coordination, balance, and flexibility. These exercises are particularly relevant for enhancing daily activities and movements.

Core stability training

Devices like exercise balls or abdominal trainers can be used for training the core muscles and core stability. A strong core is important for healthy posture and movement.

Balance training

Resistance bands, kettlebells, and balance devices can be used in the practice to improve muscle strength and balance. This is particularly helpful for patients with issues in the muscular and stabilizing systems.


For athletes, a practice with training equipment can provide an ideal environment for getting back in shape after injuries. Targeted training can strengthen muscles and restore athletic performance.

Manual therapy

Special therapy tables enable physiotherapists to perform joint mobilizations and manual techniques to improve mobility and relieve pain.