Mobile physiotherapy Vienna

Physiotherapy at home
throughout Vienna

Save yourself the trip to the practice and benefit from personal and uninterrupted care at home.

Good to know: Procedure of a home visit


Appointment scheduling

The patient schedules an appointment with the physiotherapist either by phone or online.



The patient prepares a suitable space for the treatment.


Therapist's arrival

The therapist arrives and sets up their workspace.



The patient describes their complaints and is examined by the therapist.



Execution of individually tailored therapy measures.


Conclusion and advice

Discussion of the next steps and tips for at-home care.



The therapist documents the session and plans further appointments if necessary.

Our team for mobile physiotherapy in Vienna

Dino Durdevic

With nearly 20 years of experience, Dino undoubtedly embodies an amazing degree of expertise and dedication.


Lena Müller

Linda combines her expertise with her passion for holistic health and well-being.

Lukas Riezinger

Lukas is loved by our patients for his empathetic nature and professionalism.

Julian Schneider

Julian works with great enthusiasm and has extensive expertise, which he skillfully applies.

Our treatment focus areas

Post-op mobilization:
One focus of our services is mobilizing patients after surgery. Especially elderly people often experience immobilization after procedures and are unable to leave their homes. We support these patients in becoming more mobile and stronger to regain independence as quickly as possible.

Fall prevention:
Our home visit service for fall prevention includes individual exercises to strengthen balance and coordination, as well as advice on creating a safe living environment.

Balance training:
Our offerings include special balance training, which is particularly important in advanced age to prevent falls and resulting injuries, such as hip fractures.

Movement therapy:
Our movement therapy program includes individually tailored exercises for pain relief, improved mobility, and muscle strengthening to enhance quality of life.

Manual Therapy:
This therapy uses targeted manual techniques to treat movement restrictions and pain.

Bobath Concept:
A rehabilitative method specifically used for neurological conditions such as stroke to improve movement and coordination.

Manual lymph drainage:
A gentle massage technique aimed at promoting the natural drainage of lymph, reducing swelling and pain.

Respiratory therapy:
Our respiratory therapy services offer customized exercises to strengthen lung function, ease breathing, and promote better respiratory health.

Satisfied patients: What our patients say about us

Our satisfied patients particularly praise the professionalism and friendliness of our team during physiotherapy home visits. They appreciate the individualized care and the ability of our therapists to adapt to their home conditions.

Positive feedback underscores our commitment to providing personal and effective treatment directly in the comfort of one’s own home.

Physiotherapie Patient
Physiotherapie Patient
Physiotherapie Patient
Physiotherapie Hausbesuch Patientin
Ратко Зликовац
Ратко Зликовац
I am very satisfied, I can only recommend this place for physiotherapy and Mr. Kovac is very professional and does a good job.
Gerda König
Gerda König
kompetent, freundlich, sehr gepflegt
Ulrike Pochman
Ulrike Pochman
Nach einer Knieendoprothese wurde mir eine Physiotherapie empfohlen, nach kurzer Suche im Internet fiel die Entscheidung auf Andrukonius. Ich wollte einen Hausbesuch, es war super. Die Physiotherapie mit Herrn Julian war jedesmal mit soviel Empathie und Professionalität ausgeführt. Jede Woche war eine Herausforderung und war immer durch Erfolg erfüllt. Freue mich auf weitere Therapien.
Sandra Jakubek
Sandra Jakubek
Sehr netter Empfang uns sehr freundliche und kompetente Physiotherapeutin
Gabriele Angerer
Gabriele Angerer
Nach meinen sehr schmerzhaften Ischiasnerv und LW Vorfall war ich nach der 6. Behandlung durch Linda beschwerdefrei. Linda ist sehr einfühlsam gibt gute Tipps für die Übungen zuhause und fragt auch interessiert nach wie es damit gegangen ist. Ich kann das Institut Andrukonis nur zu 100% weiterempfehlen und gebe 5* plus nochmal 5* - ich kann wieder ausgedehnte Spaziergänge mit meinem Hund machen !! Danke Linda, man spürt auch den Zusammenhalt und die positive Energie im Institut - alle Mitarbeiter plus Chef sind sehr zuvorkommend.
Sylvia Kheil
Sylvia Kheil
Kann ich nur jedem empfehlen. Sehr freundlich und kompetent. Das Einzige das bei meiner Arthrose mal wirklich was gebracht hat. DANKE an ds ganze Team. :-)
Ilse Anreitter
Ilse Anreitter
Ich war sehr zufrieden mit o.a. Physiotherapie. Meine Therapeutin Lena war besonders nett und kompetent. Sie hat sich sehr um mich bemüht, hat Alternativen gesucht und gefunden wenn ich etwas nicht geschafft habe. Ich kann das Institut nur empfehlen !!!

ANDRUKONIS: Your specialists for mobile physiotherapy in Vienna

ANDRUKONIS, your specialists for physiotherapy home visits throughout Vienna, has been offering customized treatments directly at your home for several years. Our team consists of experienced therapists with specialties in various areas of physiotherapy.

We answer the question, „Can you do physiotherapy at home?“ with a clear yes. Our services allow you to receive professional physiotherapy conveniently in your own home. Physiotherapy home visits in Vienna are at the core of our offerings to provide you with the best possible care.

Mobile physiotherapy Vienna: Costs / prices

The mobile physiotherapy by ANDRUKONIS offers individually tailored treatments in the comfort of your own home. A 60-minute session costs €125, while 45-minute and 30-minute sessions are priced at €105 and €85, respectively.

Additionally, a significant portion of the costs – about 50-60% – can be covered by health insurance, provided you have a valid medical prescription. This makes mobile physiotherapy not only convenient and personalized but also more financially accessible for those in need.

Benefits of physiotherapy at home

Physiotherapy at home offers customized treatments in the patient’s familiar environment, increasing comfort and flexibility, and supporting recovery. Benefits include:

Individual care: The therapist can fully focus on the patient, leading to personalized treatment.

Comfort: Being treated in a familiar environment reduces stress and promotes well-being, which can support recovery.

Time savings and flexibility: Elimination of travel time and flexible appointment scheduling better fit the patient’s daily routine.

Realistic conditions: The therapist can incorporate the home environment into the therapy and provide specific recommendations for the patient’s daily life.

Our competent team for physiotherapy home visits in Vienna

Our team for physiotherapy home visits in Vienna consists of highly qualified therapists who stand out due to their extensive skills and individual approach. Our team includes several professionals with experience in various specialties of physiotherapy, including orthopedics and neurology. This diversity enables us to precisely address the specific needs and requirements of our patients.

Our therapists have many years of experience in home visits, meaning they are not only capable of working effectively in the patient’s familiar environment but also possess special skills in dealing with different home conditions. This combination of expertise, empathy, and adaptability makes our team particularly qualified to conduct physiotherapy home visits.

Why ANDRUKONIS Physiotherapy?


Our team is characterized by professional competence and customized therapy plans tailored to your individual needs.


We place great value on empathetic and patient-oriented treatment to maximize your well-being.

Years of experience

Benefit from our many years of experience in conducting physiotherapy home visits in Vienna.

Bobath Konzept

Mobile physiotherapy Vienna: Private

We offer individual and high-quality physiotherapeutic care directly at your home. Our services are aimed at individuals who are unable to visit a practice due to their health condition or who prefer the comfort and privacy of their own home. Please note that our services are private and must be paid for privately.

Despite private billing, you can get a portion of the costs reimbursed by your health insurance. After each treatment, you will receive an invoice that you can submit to your health insurance. The amount of reimbursement depends on your insurance and existing contract. We are happy to advise you in advance about the expected costs and the reimbursement process.

Frequently asked questions

A physiotherapy home visit is necessary when patients are unable to visit the practice or clinic due to their illness, injury, or disability. This often affects people with severe mobility restrictions, acute pain conditions, or post-surgery, making transportation difficult.

The duration of a physiotherapy home visit varies based on the treatment plan and the patient’s individual needs. Typically, these appointments last between 30 and 60 minutes. The exact time may vary depending on the type of treatment and the patient’s condition.

In Austria, statutory health insurance covers part of the costs for physiotherapy if it is prescribed by a doctor. The patient pays initially and, after submitting the invoice and prescription to the health insurance, receives a cost subsidy. The amount of the subsidy varies depending on the health insurance and contract.

The frequency of physiotherapy depends on the specific diagnosis, the severity of the injury or condition, and the patient’s individual needs. Generally, physiotherapy is recommended one to three times per week to achieve optimal results. It is important to follow the advice of the treating physiotherapist.