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ANDRUKONIS: Sports physiotherapy Vienna

Both professional athletes and hobbyists have specific needs and demands when it comes to physiotherapy, which is why there has been an increasing specialization of physiotherapists in the care of athletes in recent years. For example, athletes often experience above-average muscle and tendon strain compared to the general population, depending on their training intensity. Therefore, movement efficiency and technique should be perfected as much as possible to ensure long-term sports participation.

The sports physiotherapists at ANDRUKONIS Physiotherapy in Vienna support athletes in dealing with classic overuse injuries and muscle imbalances or more severe injuries and surgeries, helping them return to sports and competition. It is the combination of manual therapy, active training, and highly individualized movement analysis and perception training that sets sports physiotherapy apart from regular training or coaching.

Our practice

Our practice is characterized by excellent public transport connections and individualized patient care. An inviting team and a warm atmosphere ensure that patients feel well taken care of both medically and personally. A relaxing ambiance is created through a green courtyard, natural wood elements, and soft lighting. Additionally, the close collaboration between the receptionists and therapists ensures efficient communication and enhanced patient well-being.

What we are proud of: Our customer reviews

The numerous positive feedbacks from our customers confirm the high quality of our sports physiotherapy and highlight the professional approach of our therapists.

These testimonials reflect our commitment to providing knowledgeable and personalized treatment, significantly improving athletic performance, alleviating sports-related issues, and enhancing our patients‘ well-being.

Ратко Зликовац
Ратко Зликовац
I am very satisfied, I can only recommend this place for physiotherapy and Mr. Kovac is very professional and does a good job.
Gerda König
Gerda König
kompetent, freundlich, sehr gepflegt
Ulrike Pochman
Ulrike Pochman
Nach einer Knieendoprothese wurde mir eine Physiotherapie empfohlen, nach kurzer Suche im Internet fiel die Entscheidung auf Andrukonius. Ich wollte einen Hausbesuch, es war super. Die Physiotherapie mit Herrn Julian war jedesmal mit soviel Empathie und Professionalität ausgeführt. Jede Woche war eine Herausforderung und war immer durch Erfolg erfüllt. Freue mich auf weitere Therapien.
Sandra Jakubek
Sandra Jakubek
Sehr netter Empfang uns sehr freundliche und kompetente Physiotherapeutin
Gabriele Angerer
Gabriele Angerer
Nach meinen sehr schmerzhaften Ischiasnerv und LW Vorfall war ich nach der 6. Behandlung durch Linda beschwerdefrei. Linda ist sehr einfühlsam gibt gute Tipps für die Übungen zuhause und fragt auch interessiert nach wie es damit gegangen ist. Ich kann das Institut Andrukonis nur zu 100% weiterempfehlen und gebe 5* plus nochmal 5* - ich kann wieder ausgedehnte Spaziergänge mit meinem Hund machen !! Danke Linda, man spürt auch den Zusammenhalt und die positive Energie im Institut - alle Mitarbeiter plus Chef sind sehr zuvorkommend.
Sylvia Kheil
Sylvia Kheil
Kann ich nur jedem empfehlen. Sehr freundlich und kompetent. Das Einzige das bei meiner Arthrose mal wirklich was gebracht hat. DANKE an ds ganze Team. :-)
Ilse Anreitter
Ilse Anreitter
Ich war sehr zufrieden mit o.a. Physiotherapie. Meine Therapeutin Lena war besonders nett und kompetent. Sie hat sich sehr um mich bemüht, hat Alternativen gesucht und gefunden wenn ich etwas nicht geschafft habe. Ich kann das Institut nur empfehlen !!!
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Our physiotherapeutic sports treatments

Our practice offers customized physiotherapeutic sports treatments, ideal for prevention, performance enhancement, and rehabilitation. With modern techniques and individualized therapy approaches, we support your athletic health and performance.

Acute and chronic sports injuries

Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in the treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries. For acute injuries, therapy initially focuses on reducing swelling and pain through cold applications, gentle manual therapies, and electrotherapy. It’s also important to allow the affected areas to rest adequately to prevent worsening of the injury. As the acute phase subsides, the transition to more active treatments begins, such as targeted exercises to strengthen and improve flexibility, which restores full functionality.

For chronic injuries, physiotherapy focuses on identifying and correcting movement patterns that lead to recurring issues. Individually tailored exercise programs are developed to improve posture, muscle balance, and overall biomechanical functions. Techniques such as deep tissue massage, acupuncture, or ultrasound therapy can also be used to relieve pain and promote healing. The goal is always to address not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of chronic injuries.


Physiotherapy in sports injury rehabilitation aims to safely and gradually return affected athletes to their full performance. Initially, the focus is on reducing pain and swelling through cryotherapy, electrotherapy, and manual techniques. As these acute symptoms subside, mobility and strength restoration begins. This is done through individualized exercises that first aim to restore range of motion and flexibility, then focus on strengthening the affected and surrounding muscles.

Holistic approaches also integrate balance and coordination training to improve body awareness and proprioceptive abilities. This is crucial to minimize the risk of future injuries. The therapy progresses with the introduction of sport-specific exercises to ensure a safe return to sports. Emphasis is placed on correct and efficient technique to minimize the strain on the injured area and promote sustainable recovery.


Kinesiotaping is a popular method in physiotherapy, especially for treating sports injuries. It involves a special, elastic tape applied to the skin that supports the body’s natural healing processes without restricting mobility. The specific application technique of the tape, which varies depending on the injury, aims to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, and improve muscle function and joint stability.

By lifting the skin, kinesiotape promotes improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, accelerating healing. It also supports proprioceptive awareness, helping athletes become more aware of their body position and movement, which can be useful in preventing further injuries. Kinesiotaping is often used as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program that includes exercises and manual therapy techniques to ensure a full and effective recovery from sports injuries.


In physiotherapy, the prevention of sports injuries is a central aspect aimed at preventing injuries before they occur. This approach includes a detailed analysis of an athlete’s specific risks based on their sport, injury history, and individual physical conditions. Preventive measures include targeted exercise programs focused on strengthening and flexing muscles, tendons, and joints. Particular attention is paid to improving core stability, balance, and coordination.

Physiotherapists work closely with athletes to teach correct movement patterns and techniques, which significantly contributes to minimizing injury risk. Additionally, advice on appropriate equipment and nutrition is often provided. Promoting awareness of the importance of adequate rest and recovery also plays an important role in preventive work. By learning to listen to their bodies, athletes can reduce the risk of overuse injuries and maintain their athletic performance in the long term.

Why ANDRUKONIS Physiotherapy?


With us, you receive customized, specialized treatments tailored to your personal needs to ensure the best possible results.


ANDRUKONIS Physiotherapy stands for authenticity, providing trustworthy, personal care with genuine dedication to patient health.


We offer professional and highly qualified care with the latest techniques and methods for effective and targeted treatments.

Sports physiotherapy Vienna: Prices

The prices for sports physiotherapy in Vienna reflect the market standard and the quality and specialization of our services. Sports physiotherapy requires specific knowledge and skills beyond general physiotherapy. This specialization justifies a higher price due to the additional effort in the form of further training and specific expertise. The therapy is intensive and individually tailored to the needs and goals of athletes of all performance levels, requiring a precise analysis of sports activities and injuries.

Frequently asked questions

Sports physiotherapy promotes quick recovery, optimizes performance, prevents injuries, and improves body mechanics specifically for athletes and sports activities.

A sports physiotherapist treats injuries, provides preventive advice, improves performance, and supports athlete rehabilitation for a safe return to sports.

Sports physiotherapy can be temporarily uncomfortable but aims for long-term pain relief and improved function without harmful side effects.

The number of required sports physiotherapy sessions varies depending on the injury, its severity, and the athlete’s individual healing process.

Wear comfortable, stretchable clothing that allows freedom of movement and provides the therapist access to the affected area.

Self-conducted sports physiotherapy is possible but should be done under the guidance of a qualified therapist to avoid injuries.