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Ultrasound therapy Vienna: ANDRUKONIS Physiotherapy

Ultrasound therapy at ANDRUKONIS Physiotherapy in Vienna represents a high-quality treatment based on the latest findings, using sound waves to reach deep tissues, relieve pain, and support the healing process. What makes the treatment at ANDRUKONIS particularly recommendable is the individualized approach, focusing not only on symptoms but also on the causes of the complaints. The experienced team of specialists combines ultrasound therapy with a holistic therapeutic approach to achieve optimal results. Patients benefit from personal care and a customized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs in an environment that combines the latest technology with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Ultrasound physiotherapy: Treatment procedure

The treatment procedure for ultrasound therapy in our practice begins with a careful examination and diagnosis by our qualified physiotherapists to ensure that this therapy form is suitable for the patient. After determining the treatment plan, a special ultrasound gel is applied to the affected body area. This gel serves as a medium to effectively transmit the sound waves from the ultrasound probe to the tissue.

The probe is then gently moved over the skin in the specific treatment areas, allowing the high-frequency sound waves to penetrate deep into the tissue. The duration of such a session varies depending on the treatment goal but typically ranges between 5 and 10 minutes. Patients often describe a pleasant warming sensation during the treatment. After the session, patients can usually continue their normal activities without restrictions.

What we are proud of: Customer reviews

We are particularly proud of the positive reviews from our customers, highlighting the professionalism of our team, the effectiveness of our treatment methods, and the warm atmosphere in our practice.

These feedbacks encourage us in our work and our approach to patient care.

Physiotherapie Patient
Physiotherapie Patient
Patientin bei ANDRUKONIS Physiotherapie
Physiotherapie Patientin
Physiotherapie Patientin
Ратко Зликовац
Ратко Зликовац
I am very satisfied, I can only recommend this place for physiotherapy and Mr. Kovac is very professional and does a good job.
Gerda König
Gerda König
kompetent, freundlich, sehr gepflegt
Ulrike Pochman
Ulrike Pochman
Nach einer Knieendoprothese wurde mir eine Physiotherapie empfohlen, nach kurzer Suche im Internet fiel die Entscheidung auf Andrukonius. Ich wollte einen Hausbesuch, es war super. Die Physiotherapie mit Herrn Julian war jedesmal mit soviel Empathie und Professionalität ausgeführt. Jede Woche war eine Herausforderung und war immer durch Erfolg erfüllt. Freue mich auf weitere Therapien.
Sandra Jakubek
Sandra Jakubek
Sehr netter Empfang uns sehr freundliche und kompetente Physiotherapeutin
Gabriele Angerer
Gabriele Angerer
Nach meinen sehr schmerzhaften Ischiasnerv und LW Vorfall war ich nach der 6. Behandlung durch Linda beschwerdefrei. Linda ist sehr einfühlsam gibt gute Tipps für die Übungen zuhause und fragt auch interessiert nach wie es damit gegangen ist. Ich kann das Institut Andrukonis nur zu 100% weiterempfehlen und gebe 5* plus nochmal 5* - ich kann wieder ausgedehnte Spaziergänge mit meinem Hund machen !! Danke Linda, man spürt auch den Zusammenhalt und die positive Energie im Institut - alle Mitarbeiter plus Chef sind sehr zuvorkommend.
Sylvia Kheil
Sylvia Kheil
Kann ich nur jedem empfehlen. Sehr freundlich und kompetent. Das Einzige das bei meiner Arthrose mal wirklich was gebracht hat. DANKE an ds ganze Team. :-)
Ilse Anreitter
Ilse Anreitter
Ich war sehr zufrieden mit o.a. Physiotherapie. Meine Therapeutin Lena war besonders nett und kompetent. Sie hat sich sehr um mich bemüht, hat Alternativen gesucht und gefunden wenn ich etwas nicht geschafft habe. Ich kann das Institut nur empfehlen !!!

Our practice

In our modernly equipped practice, we place great emphasis on individual and holistic treatment of our patients. With a team of experienced physiotherapists, we offer a wide range of therapy options, including advanced ultrasound therapy. Our practice is characterized by a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and healing. A special advantage is our close collaboration with patients to create therapy plans tailored to their specific needs.

Ultrasound therapy costs

In our physiotherapy practice, we offer ultrasound therapy as a valuable addition to a regular physiotherapy session. For this specialized treatment, we charge an additional fee of €10, directly related to the costs of our high-quality ultrasound therapy device.

Interestingly, health insurance covers approximately half of these costs. So, when the question arises: „How much does ultrasound cost privately?“ our patients can be assured that they will enjoy the benefits of this technology – including targeted pain relief and accelerated healing processes – with a relatively low co-payment.

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Interesting facts about ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy, an innovative treatment method in physiotherapy, uses high-frequency sound waves to treat a variety of conditions. Due to its ability to penetrate deep into the tissue, it promotes healing, relieves pain, and reduces inflammation. Particularly effective for musculoskeletal disorders, it offers a gentle alternative or complement to conventional therapy methods, without the need for medication or invasive procedures.

Ultrasound therapy effects

Ultrasound therapy is a physical treatment method that uses sound waves to heal tissues and relieve pain.

The therapy uses high-frequency sound waves that penetrate deep into body tissues, creating a micromassage effect. This gentle massage promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation, accelerates the healing process, and relieves pain. Through the development of heat and vibration at the cellular level, ultrasound therapy can increase tissue flexibility, release adhesions, and support the regeneration of damaged structures. It is often used for musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and muscle injuries.

When does ultrasound therapy help?

Ultrasound therapy is a proven method for treating various conditions, especially pain and inflammation in the musculoskeletal system. It is often used to promote healing, relieve pain, and improve mobility. Ultrasound therapy is particularly effective for inflammation and rehabilitation after injuries. Some conditions where ultrasound therapy can be helpful include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, for pain relief and function improvement
  • Tendonitis, to reduce inflammation and support healing
  • Elbow conditions, such as tennis or golfer’s elbow, for pain reduction
  • Achilles tendon problems, to promote healing and reduce inflammation

When should ultrasound therapy not be used?

Ultrasound therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions, but there are situations and conditions where it should not be used:

  • Pregnancy, especially in the abdominal area
  • Cancer, due to concerns about stimulating tumor growth
  • Pacemakers or other implanted electronic devices, due to possible interference
  • Thrombosis, as it can cause the dislodging of blood clots
  • Infections or skin diseases in the treatment area, to avoid worsening the condition
  • Over fractures, to prevent impairment of the healing process

These restrictions are for the safety of the patient, to avoid risks and adverse effects. Therefore, a careful medical evaluation is necessary before starting ultrasound therapy.

Frequently asked questions

The frequency of ultrasound therapy depends on the individual diagnosis and the recommendations of the treating therapist. Typically, it can be performed 1-3 times per week for several weeks to achieve optimal results without overloading the tissue.

Yes, ultrasound therapy can have anti-inflammatory effects. By generating heat and improving blood circulation in treated tissues, it can help reduce inflammatory responses, decrease swelling, and support the healing process.

Ultrasound therapy can relieve pain by promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and relaxing muscle tissue. These processes support healing, alleviate pain, and improve mobility by penetrating deep into the tissue and creating a gentle warming effect.

Ultrasound therapy can help with arthrosis by relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and promoting blood circulation. It supports healing and improves the mobility of affected joints through the deep effects of sound waves, regenerating and relaxing tissues.

Ultrasound therapy is generally safe, but it can occasionally cause mild side effects such as local skin redness, slight pain, or a warming sensation at the treatment site. These effects are usually temporary and subside quickly.